There are many businesses that look good on paper, but struggle to reach their target audience. If you have a special set of skills it is important to get your talent out to the masses! The goal should be to become an authority as well as the first place a consumer goes for a specific need, this is the most important part of a thriving brand. So how can you level up? Here are 3 Steps to Grow As An Influencer In Your Market.

Free Value

How many times a day do you stumble upon a marketer you’ve never seen before — selling a new course for x amount of dollars — guaranteed to increase your profits this year?

By a show of hands how many of us are actually interested or take these people serious? I’ll wait…

The truth is people will take you serious when you offer up some sort of free value. I’m not telling you to give away everything for free, but honestly I am more likely to listen to someone that isn’t charging me every chance they get. Offer up some basic free knowledge for everyone, you’d be surprised how much value is added to your brand.

One of the best examples of someone that has grown their influence because of free value would be Gary Vee, he owns the digital marketing behemoth VaynerMedia, but gives away a ton of free value. Over the past two years his brand has grown tremendously!


Since consumers get bored easily, it is important to be consistent with your message. The best way to stay relevant is to gain the trust of an audience. Constantly providing new content is what will separate you from the pack. Build it and they will come…… Create create create!

Yes frequency is important, but if you post content for a week straight then follow it up with 2 weeks of silence it will be difficult to see growth. If you want to post Tuesdays and Thursdays at a certain time, stick to that. Your audience will begin to tune in and the anticipation will grow greater as the weeks go on. 

The more consistent you become, the greater the results. More people will gravitate towards what you are doing. Don’t be discouraged if you are not getting the result you want right away, big changes don’t happen overnight.

Network With Like Minded People To Increase Brand

Get on the radar of other influential people! The easiest way to expand your brand is by getting to as many networking events as possible. Linking up with like minded people is a commonly used life hack that can accelerate your growth as an influencer.

At these events people are more open to your vision and often times can help you in an area that may not be your expertise. You might even find a new business partner — so set aside sometime to attend these events.

Your business will be in a very good space if you can accomplish these 3 steps.

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