Authentic Relationships Between Brands + Influencers Shaping Culture
We are a millennial driven agency that believes in creating and cultivating communities of influencers who love the brands they work with. 
Discover Your Best Influencers

Influencers are your antidote to ad blocking. We’ll unlock your hidden influencers and help you continuously find new advocates that drive conversions.

Recruit Ambassadors

Social influencers require authentic brand connections. Develop focused, value-add relationships with your influencers with our proprietary influencer activation engine.

Launch Targeted Campaigns

Consumers are online sharing their experiences about brands. Choose from dozens of campaign types to empower your influencers, driving proven sales.

Measure Authentic Results

Easily measure the success of your social amplification and campaign conversions across digital channels. Know the analytics to optimize influencer and ambassador programs.

Here’s how we can help your brand
  • “Being a part of the Intelligently Cool Panel series connected me to so many talented people in Atlanta and I am continuously amazed and inspired by the incredible things they’re doing to make our city better every day.”
    Elizabeth Snively, Innovation, Chick-Fil-A
  • “Intecoo’s presentation provided thought-provoking insights to current disruptions taking shape in B2B digital marketing. Their energetic approach to sharing information helped facilitate a spirited dialogue and expand our thinking.”
    Meg Chapman, Digital Customer Engagement Director, General Electric
  • “The Millennials Brunch opened my eyes to how many creative personalities call Atlanta home. It is platforms like this that drive our culture, innovation and longterm relationships”
    Lukas Pilgrim, Investor Relations, Metro Atlanta Chamber
  • “I’m committed to adding The Millennials Brunch to my calendar moving forward because every month is a different experience. The relaxed atmosphere and unique networking opportunities are unlike anything else in Atlanta right now.”
    Nicole Anderson, Marketing Manager – Sponsorships & Community Affairs at Delta Vacations


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